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Zara Alvarez was gunned down by unidentified assassins in August 2020, three months after contributing research to a UN investigation into President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war in the Phillipines.
Human rights

Priests, bishops murdered during Duterte's drug war

Zara Alvarez was gunned down by unknown assailants. She's among dozens of church workers who opposed extra-judicial killings in the Philippines, a new report has found.

  • by James Massola

Opinion & Perspectives


North America

US President Donald Trump has claimed widespread fraud in early voting and has urged his supporters to monitor polling stations.

Battle over ballots: The tactics used to suppress and contest votes

The very act of filling in a ballot has been controversial this time around.

  • by Farrah Tomazin
Former Vice President Joe Biden pictured on Wednesday.

As it happened: Donald Trump joined by Nigel Farage for Arizona rally; Joe Biden votes, holds lead in Michigan, Wisconsin

The US Presidential Election is only days away with both candidates pushing to reach the few remaining undecided voters before next Wednesday's election.

  • by Roy Ward




US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivers his speech at the Nahdlatul Ulama in Jakarta on Thursday. He renewed the Trump administration’s rhetorical onslaught against China as the American presidential election looms.

China's treatment of Uighurs 'biggest threat to religious freedom': Pompeo

In a scorching speech delivered in Jakarta on Thursday the US Secretary of State says there is no counter-terrorism justification for the crackdown on faith followers.

  • by James Massola
Indonesian President Joko Widodo, left, and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wave at the Presidential Palace in Bogor, West Java, on Thursday.

In Indonesia, Trump envoy presses case against China

In a five-country tour of Asia, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is doing his best to deliver Donald Trump's message ahead of the US election.

  • by James Massola and Karuni Rompies

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A satellite image shows construction at Iran's Natanz uranium-enrichment facility that experts believe may be a new, underground centrifuge assembly plant.

Satellite photos show construction at Iran nuclear site

Iran has begun construction at its Natanz nuclear facility, satellite images show, just as the UN nuclear agency acknowledged Tehran is building an underground advanced centrifuge assembly plant.

  • by Jon Gambrell

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