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Tesla chief Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos are long-time rivals.

‘Party of hate’: Why Silicon Valley’s rift with the White House is growing deeper

Once-strong ties between US Democrats and Silicon Valley, the new heart of American corporate power, have broken down.

  • by James Titcomb


Brad Fittler has won his third Origin series but would love a series cleansweep.

The huge calls left for Brad Fittler to make before Origin selection

The NSW coach has two candidates vying for the utility role and a big decision to make on his middle forward rotation.

  • by Adam Pengilly, Michael Chammas and Christian Nicolussi
Souths forever.

Rabbitohs inherit the nation

Nation’s two highest offices now held by league tragics, while some big names flop for the senate and cannabis party’s hopes ride high.

  • by Noel Towell and Helen Pitt
Bass is currently held by the Liberals’ Bridget Archer on a margin of 0.4 per cent, the party’s tiniest in the nation.

Why Bridget Archer is the jewel in the Libs’ tarnished crown

The re-elected member for Bass has shown her mettle both in the party room and in her electorate. She is now key to a moderate, Liberal revival.

  • by Jenna Price
Bunnies buddies: Anthony Albanese and David Hurley.

Glory, glory to South Sydney as Albo sworn in by Hurley

It was a case of Rabbitohs #1 fan being sworn in as new leader by another Souths tragic.

  • by Helen Pitt and Noel Towell
Top, from left: Rebekha Sharkie, 
Helen Haines, Andrew Wilkie, 
Zali Steggall. Middle, from left: 
Bob Katter, Monique Ryan, Allegra Spender, Zoe Daniel. Bottom, from left: Kylea Tink, Sophie Scamps, Rob Priestly.

Coalition and Labor may never win back the seats they lost

These monumental shifts in how Australians vote aren’t just a short-term “protest”. They reflect a growing detachment among millions of Australians from politics as usual.

  • by Osman Faruqi
Australia’s new federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers.
Tax reform

What Treasury told the new treasurer... probably

When an incoming treasurer is briefed by top Treasury officials, they are often told uncomfortable truths. Here’s my fictional take on what Jim Chambers might have been told in recent days.

  • by Jessica Irvine
Prime minister-elect Anthony Albanese and US President Joe Biden will meet in Tokyo.

Climate shift: Albanese agenda warms bilateral relationship

Australia’s change of government will find accord on a facet of US relations, but the major preoccupation in Asia remains the same: China.

  • by Peter Hartcher
Top emitters and energy users are confident Anthony Albanese can balance ambitious emissions cuts with ensuring energy security.

Climate action is the undisputed winner of the federal election

Parliament is set for an unprecedented shake-up after millions of voters put climate first at the ballot box, and all eyes are on what climate action can be achieved by the incoming government.

  • by Tim Flannery
Home Affairs Kristina Keneally.

A lesson for Labor: Why the people of Fowler rejected Keneally

Labor’s ham-fisted campaign to get Kristina Keneally elected revealed a disturbing lack of understanding of the cultural complexities in Fowler.

  • by Cat-Thao Nguyen
Centre court Wimbledon.

Wimbledon ban ‘a damaging precedent’? Tell that to the people of Mariupol

By removing rankings points from Wimbledon, the ATP and the WTA are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

  • by Greg Baum
Senator Bam Bam: A warrior for the Wallabies, David Pocock is stepping into the politcal arena.

Senator ‘Bam Bam’: Pocock to enter a whole new ball game

David Pocock joins a growing list of top athletes entering politics. Can he make this transition work?

  • by Georgina Robinson
Charlie Curnow, Max King, Jeremy Cameron, Tom Lynch.

Key forwards have been the feature of the season so far. Which one would you choose?

This week on the Real Footy podcast, Michael Gleeson, Caroline Wilson and Jake Niall discuss which star forward they would pick for their team, if they could only have one.

Peter Dutton.

Peter Dutton likely to lead the opposition, but will he go the way of Brendan Nelson?

Peter Dutton is firming as the man most likely to lead the Coalition, but he will need to overcome voters’ perceptions of him and the rising independent vote.

  • by James Massola
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has Irish and Italian heritage.

Albanese is Italian? That’s not diversity

That a prime minister with white European ancestry is noteworthy shows how little progress we have made in this country on cultural diversity.

  • by Ash Salardini
Aaron Naughton booted three goals in the first half but was held goalless by Sam Collins after half-time on Saturday.
AFL 2022

Putting the umpires on notice? Why Beveridge wants the ‘Astro-Naught’ to take flight

Footage of Sam Collins’ treatment of Aaron Naughton may have shown the Gold Coast Suns have little case to answer, but Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge’s post-match comments have a bigger-picture feel.

  • by Jon Pierik
John O’Neill exits the company on the eve of his appearance as a witness

Star Entertainment a sitting duck as it sinks into governance void

The casino operator is now just a hasty patchwork of interim executives, cobbled together to run a $3 billion company that’s increasingly vulnerable to an opportunistic takeover.

  • by Elizabeth Knight
Electric vehicles will gradually replace petrol-driven cars, but experts believe the government taxes will slow the uptake.

Five ways the new government could help you to combat rising cost of living

The incoming federal government should promote and implement good policies to help us to help ourselves to combat the rising cost of living.

  • by Joel Gibson
With lockdowns in three states, retailers are crying out for mandated rent relief.

Walking dead: The zombies may finally be killed off

Since the 2008 financial crisis, low interest rates have provided a lifeline for companies that might otherwise not have survived. But the tide is going out for these “zombie” companies.

  • by Stephen Bartholomeusz
Bear markets are historically more dramatic when coupled with a recession.

The sharemarket crash has only just begun and it will hurt

Bear markets come and go but this one could be one of the worst in history.

  • by Matthew Lynn
Josh Frydenberg and Monique Ryan.

Existential battle looms for Victorian Liberals as they digest wipeout

With as few as five out of 39 Victorian seats, the Liberal Party has been routed from the state that was its stronghold.

  • by Josh Gordon
Liberal candidate Trent Zimmerman lost his seat on Saturday.

A swift Liberal comeback is possible, if we react the right way

If the party listens to the messages from the electorate, it could go to the next election with optimism.

  • by Simon Birmingham
A strong field of female “teal independents, including (l-r) Sophie Scamps, Zoe Daniel, Monique Ryan, Allegra Spender and Kylea Tink, were the resounding victors on Saturday night.

Hear me roar: how the female vote swung the election

Disaffected female voters drove the surge towards a progressive agenda. But while they moved away from the Coalition, they did not strongly endorse Labor either.

  • by Jacqueline Maley

The future is going to be teal bright

Election day is over and the world turns.

  • by Stephen Brook and Helen Pitt
Saturday’s election was a test of the strength of national feeling on climate.

On the back of urgency on climate, Australia is tipping centre-left

Climate was a decisive issue in Saturday’s election - and not only in the teal seats.

  • by Bob Carr
Independents Allegra Spender (Wentworth), Kylea Tink (North Sydney), Zali Steggall (Warringah) and Sophie Scamps (Mackellar) are part of the 2022 gender quake.

Women who weren’t going to take it any more have changed Australian politics

The 2022 election result is a reckoning for the toxic culture that took hold in the Coalition – one unlikely to change until it embraces quotas.

  • by Chris Wallace
Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese ’s language on Saturday was striking.

The most important line in Albanese’s victory speech signalled the end of an era

One reading of this election is that Australians now recognise they can no longer stay relaxed and comfortable.

  • by Sean Kelly
Mitchell Moses, Jeremiah Nanai, Selwyn Cobbo and Jared-Waerea Hargreaves.
NRL 2022

NRL key takeouts: Round 11

It wasn’t just in Saturday’s federal election that Queensland made its presence felt. Here’s what else we learned from the weekend’s fixtures.

  • by Dominic Bossi, Tom Decent, Christian Nicolussi, Adam Pengilly, Adrian Proszenko and Dan Walsh
Top, from left: Rebekha Sharkie, 
Helen Haines, Andrew Wilkie, 
Zali Steggall. Middle, from left: 
Bob Katter, Monique Ryan, Allegra Spender, Zoe Daniel. Bottom, from left: Kylea Tink, Sophie Scamps, Rob Priestly.

A tip for the new independents: look to the youth

For the past decade, during most of their teenage years all they have known is “nah”, it’s not possible, not going to happen, and we don’t believe you.

  • by Cathy McGowan
Scott Morrison and his family on election night in 2019. Polls failed to predict his victory

‘A much better cycle this time’: the polls make a comeback

After a big miss in 2019, all major opinion polls correctly predicted Labor’s victory in 2022.

  • by Matt Wade
Anthony Albanese with Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk during a campaign visit on Labour Day.

Labor failed to gain seats in Queensland, but it’s not all bad news for Albo

On the face of it, Labor did not do too well in Queensland. But dig a little deeper and it’s not all doom and gloom for Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese.

  • by Cameron Atfield
Anthony Albanese begins his time as Prime Minister knowing he must reach more people than those who voted for Labor.

Anthony Albanese must balance expectations with reality

Anthony Albanese cannot deliver everything his supporters want. No Labor leader ever can. Expectations are always too great when progressive parties sweep into office.

  • by David Crowe
Josh Frydenberg says farewell, with a hint of unreality.

Frydenberg, vanquished, struggles to comprehend the depth of disaster

The outgoing treasurer appears baffled by the political disaster that has consigned him and his party to the wilderness.

  • by Tony Wright
Anthony Albanese will be Australia’s 31st Prime Minister.

Albanese wins a clear mandate for inclusive but cautious change

The ALP has the opportunity to end the nasty culture and climate wars of the past decade. But its mandate on economic policy is for incremental reforms.

  • The Herald's View
Michael Hooper, Waratahs

Canberra or Christchurch: Finals picture shows value of Waratahs win

There are no easy pathways when you get to the quarter-final stages, but some are harder than others.

  • by Paul Cully
WA Premier Mark McGowan Anthony Albanese.

Albanese’s road to the Lodge was paved by Mark McGowan

Sandgropers again bucked the national trend, but this time swung hard towards Labor and Anthony Albanese. That road was cleared, graded, paved and marked by Mark McGowan.

  • by Gareth Parker
Anthony Albanese, Jim Chalmers

Why having Labor in charge shouldn’t be your biggest fear

How is an Albanese government going to perform? Not as well as the new government’s supporters hope, but not as badly as its opponents predicted.

  • by Ross Gittins
Happy Labor supporters at the election night party.

Perth turns red as Labor delivers election bloodbath in WA

The entire Perth metro region, aside from Canning MP Andrew Hastie’s electorate, has turned red and for the first time since 1998 two Labor MP’s received a primary vote above 50 per cent.

  • by Hamish Hastie
Anthony Albanese promised to look after the needy - but how is he going to pay for it?

If I were Albanese here’s what I’d be praying for

An outcome where the Greens or the teals impose a much more adequate policy on climate change on Labor might not be a bad thing.

  • by Ross Gittins
Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese addresses the media after voting at the Marrickville Town Hall, in Sydney, NSW, on Saturday 21 May 2022. fedpol ausvotes22 Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Can Labor deliver its promised federal ICAC by Christmas?

Labor has promised to pass legislation establishing a national anti-corruption commission by the end of the year. Is this feasible?

  • by Yee-Fui Ng
Shireen Abu Akleh died after she was shot while covering an Israeli army raid for al-Jazeera.

Sadness behind the smile: Shireen Abu Akleh, a voice for Palestine

It is fitting that Shireen was given a state memorial service. She was a role model for millions of women who grew up watching her on television.

  • by Sherine Salama
Helen Garner is frustrated at the idea of character that changes.

Questions of character dominated campaign as shape-shifting PM tried on new personae

Whether character is fixed or not was a theme of the last six weeks.

  • by Jacqueline Maley
Trent Barrett has been boosted by a host of new signings at the Bulldogs in 2022.
NRL 2022

Barrett knew axe could fall if Dogs lost to Knights

Reports that Trent Barrett was blindsided by a Bulldogs board meeting to discuss his future and sacked by football manager Phil Gould are far from the truth.

  • by Danny Weidler
Craig McLachlan this week with his partner Vanessa Scammell.

McLachlan’s defamation retreat won’t stop other men suing to silence women

Women have fought for centuries for the right to speak out against abusers, but defamation law remains as a refuge for powerful men,

  • by Jessica Lake
Over in a minute: Prime Minister Tony Abbott (centre) with former Australian prime ministers Malcolm Fraser, Julia Gillard, Bob Hawke, John Howard, Kevin Rudd and Paul Keating, at the completion of the Gough Whitlam memorial service in Sydney.

Morrison’s legacy will be a shadow of his predecessors

If your next dinner party is getting dull and charades no longer amuses, try this for a laugh: run through recent prime ministers and capture their careers in just a few words.

  • by Jon Faine

The tax trick everyone earning more than $45,000 needs to know

As the end of the financial year approaches, it’s time for everyone, particularly those earning more than $45,000 a year, to have a good look at the tax savings available on money funnelled into superannuation.

  • by Jessica Irvine
Blake (third from the left), alongside Karl Stefanovic, Julia Morris, Tom Gleeson, Sonia Kruger and Ray Meagher.

‘The man who murdered the Logies’: Julia Morris on Tom Gleeson, the Logies and life

The comedian and actress is nominated for a Gold Logie – and is pitching for it go to a woman this year.

  • by Peter FitzSimons
A voter places her ballot paper at a polling booth in Sydney, Australia, Saturday, May 21, 2022.

The class of 2022 will be the voters of 2025 – and they’ll have plenty of reasons to cast their ballots

If you’re under 18, don’t think you can’t become engaged in our democracy.

  • by Daisy Turnbull
Fathers must be encouraged to take their paid parental leave under “use it or lose it” provisions.

The new parliament must address paid parental leave

Australia’s policy no longer meets the diverse needs of many families. Parents should get six months of gender-neutral paid parental leave to encourage shared care.

  • by Lisa Annese
Australia’s new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, with his son, Nathan, and girlfriend, Jodie Haydon.

Victoria now the fading jewel in the Liberal crown

Many Victorians felt abandoned by the Coalition during the pandemic, particularly by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, and now they’ve returned the favour - deserting the party in droves.

  • by Josh Gordon