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Higher calling: Decorated soldier Ben Roberts-Smith.

Ben Roberts-Smith set his sights way up high

Long before he was at Seven, the ex-solider revealed his ultimate ambition.

  • by Stephen Brook and Samantha Hutchinson


New analysis of kidney transplants has found accepting even a lower-quality kidney is better in the long run than remaining on dialysis.

Even a low-quality kidney transplant better for patients than dialysis

Research suggests patients are better off accepting a low quality kidney transplant rather than remaining on dialysis and waiting for a better quality one.

  • by Stuart Layt
The contraceptive pill is a blunt instrument. Why has nothing better been found?

The pill causes clots too. Why no outrage?

Blood clots linked to the pill are a significant side effect that women are expected to live with.

  • by Gabriela Fowler


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